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Cellular and Pleated Shades

Pleated shades offer a unique look and are very affordable window covering option. The folded accordion pleats add dimension to living spaces. One of the biggest advantages to this type of window covering is how it stacks completely flat when raised in order to allow a full, open outdoor view. The pleating detail is available in standard  3/8" to 2" pleats. inch pleat. Styles available in sheer, light-filtering, Day-To-Night options and room-darkening fabrics to meet your specific light control preferences.

Fetures and Benefits:

  • Style options include top down bottom up, which allow you to lower your shades from the top or raise them from the bottom to maintain privacy or block unwanted views—all while letting natural light in.

  • Pleated blinds are an attractive solution for specialty shaped windows including angled top, arched windows, and skylights.

  • Available in unique textures including sheer fabrics to soften your view, provide UV protection, glare reduction, and moderate to complete privacy.

  • Control options include cordless lift or motorized lift, making them an option for homes with small children and pets. Pleated window shades bring a fresh, airy dimension to rooms and are an economical way to refresh your home decor.

A fast-growing trend for this type of window covering is using sheer pleated shades paired with drapery panels, or they also look great as stand-alone window treatments. For a fresh, flexible window covering that delivers on fashion, form and function, be sure to inquire about Day-To-Night Shades that provide three shades in one! The top of the shade is typically a sheer shade or light-filtering pleated shade, while a cellular shade is placed at the bottom and usually features a blackout liner or room-darkening fabric for the ultimate in privacy, light control, and insulation.

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