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Faux Wood Blinds

Hardy and long wearing...these blinds can go the distance in any situation...but did you know that they now come in stained colors and textured options...just like traditional wood blinds?  A perfect combination of beauty and function.

Features & Benefits 


  • Available in a variety of colors, including faux stained options

  • Available in 2" Slats, 2.5" Slats and 3" Slats

  • Patented SmartPrivacy™ feature allows optimum blind closure for the utmost levels of privacy

  • Endures over 2000 hours of UV testing for superior colorfastness

  • Can withstand above average temperatures without warping (135° heat deflection temperature)

  • New formulation significantly reduces pull force required to raise blinds

  • Reengineered bottom rail adds structural integrity and prevents bowing when blind is raised

  • Advanced tilting mechanism makes angling blinds effortless

  • Innovative Insta-Lock™ system locks blinds at tighter horizontal intervals with ease

  • Upgraded 3 ¼” designer crown valance adds extra style

  • Cord lock mechanism minimizes cord fray for lasting enjoyment

  • Cord release device breaks apart in case of child or pet entanglement and consolidates cords

  • Blind slats are water-proof, fire retardant and lead free

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