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Faux Iron / Decorative Window Inserts

Drama,, Drama,,,Drama!  Faux Iron is a completly different kind of window treatment! But's not just for windows! 

Combining historical inspiration with modern technology, Faux Iron Inserts provide the look and feel of wrought iron without the weight or cost.

Features and Benefits:

  • Limitless Residential Applications – Faux Iron Inserts  open up limitless creative and decorative possibilities when used in cabinetry,ceilingsdoorsexteriorspass-throughsroom dividerstransomswall décorwindows andcustom applications. Tableaux Faux Iron Decorative Grilles add WOW‐factor to any space anywhere.

  • Custom designs are customized to your specific residential requirements. Select from popular standard designs or create your own.  Faux Iron Inserts can be manufactured to fit virtually any area in any shape.

  • Sustainable Materials – Faux Iron Inserts are environmentally friendly, made from recycled wood fiber and formaldehyde‐free adhesive.

  • Maintenance – Faux Iron Inserts will not rust or fade, and only calls for light cleaning.

  • Only limited by your creativity, Faux Iron Inserts can be custom manufactured and installed in a into round, square, oval, rectangular or irregular spaces

  • Custom Finishes – Match the décor and color scheme of your design project by ordering custom finished Faux Iron Inserts or order our primer-finished grilles, made-ready for you own paint

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